Having lived in his 1960's home for many years, the owner had numerous programmatic issues
which he wanted addressed throughout the home's renovation. Of those, three issues came to
the forefront as primary goals of the client. The existing footprint would be maximized and the
home would be even further opened to the outside environment, both visually and physically.
The remodel would enhance the existing features of the home while making the residence more
luxurious, exhibiting more warmth and quality. The 3,000 square foot residence was enhanced
by consolidating smaller disjointed rooms and spaces, simplifying structural elements, and
expanding the home in five to six foot increments in specific areas. With Long Leaf Pine
planking newly discovered under the home's existing carpet, this wood species became the
dominant surface material to be used on the interior walls, ceilings, and soffits. The kitchen,
master bedroom, and bathroom cabinetry were made with Cherry and the entertainment area's
main focal point, the bar, was crafted with a combination of Mahogany and Cherry with a solid
Mahogany top.

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