A proposal for a 17,000 square foot residence to be located on the highest
seventy acre hilltop site in Southwest Austin area, strived to create a
unique home equal to its special environment. Taking advantage of the
undisturbed site covered with over three hundred trees, the home was to
be positioned to protect a central stand of Oak trees which had pushed up
through a thin cracked layer of limestone possibly a hundred years prior
and to take advantage of the dramatic views in every direction. Using a
contemporary architectural styling, the residence incorporated axial
pathways to organize its many functions and to create well defined edges
and forms. With the client's desire for privacy and security, the entrance to the
house was positioned behind an imposing wall made of indigenous
rock which rose up out of the sloping site. A wing of the house which
supported boisterous entertainment activities was detached from the main
living areas. A covered auto portecochere, flanking guest residences, and
house staff quarters were located on the opposite side of the rock wall, but
they were still connected by covered walkways or for the staff, an
underground corridor.

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