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            Nix Group Architects was formed in 1993 as a studio of specific architectural
            pursuits separate from those of Shefelman and Nix Architects. Nix Group Architects
            provides full services ranging from site planning to interiors. The firm actively seeks
            unique projects which require challenging problem solving solutions. Many of the firm's
            projects, both residential and commercial, have dealt with extending the useable life of
            existing buildings through adaptive reuse and preservation. Nix Group Architects
            understands the complexities of designing in context with a structure's existing
            conditions, both apparent and hidden, and strives to remain flexible and responsive to
            newly discovered issues for the duration of the project. Aside from numerous
            renovation projects, we as well specialize in single and multi-family residential,
            low to medium cost and luxury. Our firm is a member of the Green Building Program
            and is currently seeking clients wishing to incorporate green and sustainable design
            into their aspirations and budget.

            To view the portfolio of additional projects completed from 1977 to present by Jim Nix
            within the Shefelman and Nix Architects firm, visit the link displayed on this page.
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